Restructuring a Distorted Process

Recently, there’s been a distortion in the client getting proccess that’s been causing three major problems for fitness trainers and their businesses…

1. A bunch of trainers are selling on the platform of lowest price, rather than highest value and promised results. This devalues your services and puts you in a lower category on the financial food chain.

2. Far too many trainers are losing the sale becuase they’re too focused on the low barrier offer itself (the lead magnet) and not on theĀ  actual proccess of converting that low barrier offer client into a regular paying ongoing client.

3. The top two problems above create anxiety and panic which ultimately effect your day to day life.

In the video below, I teach you the three step proccess to attraction, converting and keeping your clients so that you can command top dollar and THEY will get the greatest results, experience and value.

boot camp marketing

Hopefully this cleared up the client getting proccess for you =)