Boot Camp Marketing Fundamentals

Boot Camp Marketing Fundamentals

Any time someone is considering starting a new fitness boot camp they should not only think about the fitness portion of the business, but also the boot camp marketing.  Successful fitness business owners are not only great at helping get people into shape but also see their fitness boot camp marketing as a plan of attack.

The vast majority of new fitness businesses fail within the first year because they don’t have an effective boot camp marketing plan in place when they open, or even before.  It is never enough to just build a great fitness boot camp business and hope that customers will come.

Learning the top secrets to boot camp marketing is very important and they can be downloaded in the free fitness business marketing bundle on the top right side of this page.  Now, on to more critical information about boot camp marketing!

The Fundamentals of Boot Camp Marketing

Awesome Boot Camp MarketingWhile boot camp marketing is not the most difficult subject in the world, many people fail at it because they don’t consider marketing to be an important part of their planning.

The majority of the tactics taught in this boot camp marketing class are free or very cheap but are actually extremely effective.  These tips are actually often more effective than any boot camp marketing options you could pay for!

First things first, it’s time to learn about yourself.  When it comes to developing an effective boot camp marketing strategy you will always want to work with your strengths rather than against them.  If, for example, you consider yourself a ‘people person’ than you can choose boot camp marketing ideas where you do a lot of interaction with people.

On the other hand, if you’re not very comfortable talking to people all day than your best boot camp marketing strategies will be more centered on internet advertising using skills such as SEO, PPC and building blogs or other websites.   Remember, neither option is right or wrong, just find out which will be best for you!

Getting New Clients with Boot Strap Boot Camp Marketing

This method of attracting new clients is loved by most new boot camp marketing people because it is extremely effective but does not cost much (if any) money!   This method of boot camp marketing requires a little thinking outside the box to come up with new and innovative ways to new clients interested in your services.

One great example of this type of marketing is going to other local businesses in the area and placing a contest box for potential clients to fill out.  There could be a small prize offered to one winner but the prize for you is having all these potential clients information.  Giving each of these people a free 2 week membership to your fitness boot camp is a great way to get them in the door.

This is just one of many boot camp marketing ideas which have been proven effective for people around the country.  Take this idea as is, or put your own spin on it for a great kick off to any new gym!

How the Boot Camp Marketing Strategy Works

There are dozens of different ideas which can effectively bring in hundreds of new clients faster than you could imagine.  Boot Camp marketing is similar to a fitness boot camp in that you are using many different approaches to build up a well rounded business.

Once you’ve got some clients coming into your business you can approach them to see if they are interested in helping you with your boot camp marketing strategy.  Offer them a discount on a 6 month membership if they are willing to let you use them in advertising campaigns.  Taking before and after pictures and, of course encouraging them to spread the word about your gym to their friends and family.

That’s one great thing about the fitness industry is there is not any significant upfront cost to getting a new member.  So when you offer them a discount as part of your boot camp marketing, you’re still making money from them, just at a lower rate.  Than if each of these ‘human billboards’ helps you to bring in just 5-10 new clients at full price you will quickly have a full gym!

Of course, there are dozens of different ideas and strategies that are extremely effective parts of boot camp marketing.  When starting a business it is important to have as many different boot camp marketing ideas going as possible so you have new clients coming in from several different directions.

As you begin to see which methods of boot camp marketing are working for you and which are not you can adjust some methods, cancel others and even start some new ones.  The trick to any successful fitness business is to constantly have some sort of boot camp marketing methods running and testing others.

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