10 ways to a successful boot camp business

There are many things that will help in creating a successful boot camp business. Here are 10 ways that will create a successful boot camp.

  1. 1. Develop a business plan

Going into any situation blind is a recipe for disaster. Generating a business plan for your boot camp is important forboot camp business plan achieving success. The business plan is similar to a roadmap. This will outline all of the necessary features of your business and help you solidify your goals.

  1. 2. Visit the SBA

The Small Business Administration is available to you for assisting in the development of your small business. Ignoring this resource is just plain silly. The SBA can provide business training, counseling and assistance with finding financing for the startup costs of your business.

  1. 3. Find financing

Finding financing that will enable you to cover two to three months of operating expenses with no income will take the stress off of financial aspects of the business. Not having to worry about operating expenses in the first month will enable you to focus all of your energy on the operations of your new boot camp business. This is a vital element of success.

  1. 4. Find dedicated trainers

fitness trainersFinding dedicated trainers for your boot camp is very important. If is encouraging for customers to experience a class with someone who is dedicated and loves what they do. The quality of the trainers teaching your classes is going to affect the attrition rate. The higher the quality of trainer the lower the attrition rate and more successful you will be.

  1. 5. Invest in a location

The biggest mistake that personal trainers make when opening a boot camp is not investing in a location. Operating out of a park may be acceptable in the few places that have year round good weather. However, in a place that has a hot summer or a cold winter not investing in a location can lead to seasonal business. It can be difficult to operate successfully when your business depends on what the weather is going to do. Investing in a location is another way to have a successful boot camp.

  1. 6. Market through SEO

Marketing your business through Search Engine Optimization is the 6th way to achieve success. Search engine optimization is a key element in making sure your business is available on search engines like Google and Yahoo. If you have a web page that is ranked 1000 then you are not going to be able to generate much of a client base through that form of marketing.

  1. 7. Develop a presence on social networks

Social networking has become one of the most important marketing tools today. 400 million people log into Facebook every day. Over half of all people who use Facebook log into it the first thing in the morning. The ability to make your boot camp business one of the first things a client thinks about is invaluable. Social networking is a key component to a successful boot camp.

  1. 8. Create defined procedures

Creating procedures is a way that you can make sure that you have a successful boot camp business. There are several elements of operating a business that you should have procedures for.

  • Billing
    • Automatic or manual
    • Renewal Process
    • Do you accept checks
    • How to handle cash reciepts
  • Service terms
    • Advanced payment or pay as you go
    • Length of commitment, annual or semi annual
  • Cancellation
    • What is your policy
    • Will you issue a refund
    • Do you require a doctor’s note
  • Disputes

Disputes will happen, having a plan in place to help deal with them is really important. For example requiring all clients sign an agreement to go to a mediator instead of court may be a good way to save on legal costs. How will you handle this?


  1. 9. Have a vision

Creating a vision of how your boot camp business will operate is essential to success. In this vision you should have yearly goals. What do you see yourself doing in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years? If in 10 years you see yourself doing the same thing on day 1 it may be time to reevaluate what you want from a business.

Creating a successful boot camp relies on having goals. If you have a 10 year goal of employing 10 trainers who offer classes at all times of the day on all days of the week then every step you make should be working toward that goal. This is why it is important to establish these timeline goals. If there are no goals it is hard to determine which steps need to be taken in order for the boot camp to grow.  A vision is the easiest way to ensure success.


10. Franchise

Last but not least the easiest way to ensure success when opening a boot camp business is to franchise. Franchising offers proven business systems. Choosing to go with a boot camp franchise will eliminate a lot of the leg work that business owners have to do in order to have a successful business. Franchises usually do the following:

  • Create marketing
  • Assist with real estate
  • Offer discounted buying power
  • Provide business training
  • Offer a support network

Franchises are traditionally more successful in the long term than independent locations are. One Gallup study discovered that 7 years after opening 91% of franchises were still open compared to only 20% of non-franchised companies of the same industry. The success rate difference between a franchised boot camp and an independent boot camp is likely to be just as big. Purchasing a franchise is the closest thing to a guarantee available when opening a business.

The 10 ways here are all things anyone considering opening a boot camp can accomplish. If you choose to franchise many of the steps may be completed for you by the franchisor. Making the work that you have to do to become successful even easier because you can actually focus on the operational elements of the boot camp.


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