7 ways to go from zero clients to thriving boot camp franchise using online marketing tactics

Starting a boot camp franchise can be a scary task, like starting any business. It can be hard to tell how to build a client base and whether or not your message is being heard by the target audience. Luckily with online marketing tactics it is much easier to go from having 0 clients to a thriving boot camp franchise by using as few as 7 marketing techniques.

  1. 1. Create an online presence

boot camp franchise successCreating an online presence with your own web page is easy with the software that is available today. The internet has become so user friendly that anyone with almost any level of internet experience can create a web page. The benefit of creating a web page to establish an online presence is that it can make you available to a wide arrange of customers looking for services like yours online.

The next and probably most attractive part of creating a web page when starting a boot camp franchise is that it is a relatively cheap way to promote your business. Domain names cost about $10/year and hosting can be as little as $100/year. Many hosting services also include free templates and some level of technical support. This makes a website achievable for almost anyone on a any budget.

Incorporating a blog into your website is another great way to excite people about your boot camp. Creating articles that answer common questions for clients to refer to when they are not in class is an excellent way to provide the level customer service that many people crave. Customer service, along with amazing boot camp classes is a definite way to watch the class roster grow.

  1. 2. Familiarize yourself with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process where website content is constructed to make it rate higher on search engines. There are several ways to make sure that a websites or blogs are optimized, the first being the use of effective keywords and phrases. Ensuring the message delivered is the message that customers are searching for helps to rank a website high on lists like Google and Yahoo.

There are companies that specialize in SEO, but most of the process involves planning the construction of the site and keyword relevance. A few days of research and planning can ensure that a boot camp franchise website is being seen by all those looking for it, without hiring an outside consulting company. SEO is an essential cornerstone for anyone starting a boot camp franchise.

  1. 3. E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is the best way to entice customers to refer friends, spend more money, and commit to longer contract lengths. A strong monthly newsletter that gives a free session to new customers and to those who referred the new boot camper is an easy way to get clients to start talking about your business with their friends and family. Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertising around and e-mail marketing campaigns can help to spark the conversation between both present and future clients.

  1. 4. Facebook

Facebook has over 400 million users that log in during any given day. Starting a boot camp franchise is made easier when you use a system that your clients are already accessing. Facebook offers a great platform for you to advertise your services. It allows your clients to meet one another and become more comfortable with their boot camp buddies.

Most importantly Facebook enables a boot camp franchise to become a part of someone’s daily routine.  Almost half of all people on Facebook check their accounts as the first thing they do in the morning. This provides a boot camp with the ability to be the first thing a client thinks about, or even posts about (word of mouth advertising that you do nothing extra for). Daily specials, workouts, motivations and fitness tips entice customers to become an active part of the boot camp Facebook community. The more people start to talk about your boot camp classes the more people will sign up for the amazing benefits of boot camp.

  1. 5. Linkedin

Linkedin is similar in networking capacity to Facebook for someone starting a boot camp franchise. The primary difference between the two is that Linkedin is designed to be a business platform. This is a great position on the internet for your boot camp franchise to be. It is a hub for people looking to network different businesses together. Linkedin also serves as a business directory for those looking to conduct business. Not participating in this massive network is like passing on free advertising or choosing not to be listed in the phone book.

  1. 6. Customer Testimonials

With a website, blog and social media accounts, starting a boot camp franchise has become even easier by adding customer testimonials to your existing sites. People love to know that other customers have had success with the business they are considering. This is doubly true of fitness plans and promotions. When potential clients can see both visual results and hear how your boot camp service helped shape the bodies and minds of current clients they are more willing to attend that first class.

It is difficult to convince someone that a fitness platform is right for them. With customer testimonials you don’t have to do any convincing. Showing before and after photographs, along with stories about how your clients feel better is as good as a golden ticket to get new clients to sign-up.

  1. 7. Online Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words then imagine how many words a video is worth. Most people want to be able to see what they are walking into with a boot camp class. Being able to show them what your center will provide inspires confidence before the new customers even step foot in the door.

Creating simple how to’s on video sharing sites like YouTube can also be a great way to feature your unique training style. Once that video is hosted on YouTube you can feature it on most social networking sites as well as your business website and blog. There is no better way to demonstrate your edge than through video.

Following these simple marketing steps can launch your boot camp franchise from 0 clients to thriving in a short time.  Put the internet to work for you with simple steps to ensure your success.


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