Why fitness franchises are best when looking to start a business

fitness franchise womanWhy are fitness franchises best to look at when starting a new business? The answer is not as simple as one would think. The fitness industry is quite complex, and each fitness franchise offers something unique. Most fitness franchise opportunities will have something that makes the unique and marketable in certain areas. The following will discuss some of the reasons a fitness franchise is going to be the best decision when starting a new business.

Aging Population

  • The average age of a gym membership holder in 2009 was 41. These members are only getting older.
  • As people age the importance of regular exercise becomes an even bigger discussion point at annual doctor’s appointments.
  • Most of the members of gyms know how important it is for them to stay active and fit.
  • The Center for Disease Control notes that one of the major factors in disease prevention is regular exercise.
  • The number 1 cause of Type II Diabetes is obesity.

At this point you may be asking yourself what this has to do with opening a gym franchise. All of these facts about fitness are why it is a good idea to open a fitness franchise. The importance of exercise to vitality cannot be underscored and will not change. The more often a person exercises in general the healthier they will be. With a recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise prescribed gyms and fitness centers are a center of health and vitality. This view about exercise is why it is so important to get into a fitness franchise over another franchise opportunity.

Unchanging benefits

Fashion may change. We have seen the fast food industry demonized as a cause of obesity and heart disease. Technology grows and changes almost faster than the seasons. Fitness and its benefits do not change. Fitness franchises have the unique ability to offer a consistent list of benefits to their customers. The list of unchanging benefits means that the industry is not likely to see the type of negative press that other industries have gone through.


Many fitness franchises have discovered the amazing ability to automate their processes. Places like 24 hour fitness have set up a unique skeleton system. This skeleton system enables people to work out 24 hours a day, even when someone is not working at the gym. The ability of the fitness to operate without many employees makes it a very attractive industry. The less money that a franchisee has to pay employees the more money they will be able to keep as profit.

Find a business model that works for you

The number of fitness franchises available today means that anyone looking to start a new franchise can find a business model that works for them. With many other industries the recipe for success is standard. With fitness there are so many different opportunities that it really is possible to find a fitness model that works for you. Some example of fitness franchise models include

  • 24 hour a day gyms
  • Personal training franchises
  • Circuit training franchises
  • Franchises dedicated to certain demographics (women, elderly, kids)
  • Fitness class franchises
  • Boot camp franchises

The variety of franchise opportunities in the fitness industry is practically unlimited. If you want to serve women only, you can. If you want to teach large classes, you can do that too.

Fitness industry continues to grow

The fitness industry has only grown for the past 20 years. It has not had a bad year. This unmatched industry growth makes it a great industry to choose when thinking about franchising. People are discovering the benefits to regular exercise and as a result the growth rate of the fitness industry is expected to climb. Being part of an expanding industry can offer benefits that no other experience can. If you want a business with high growth potential you need to start the franchise in a growth industry.

A franchise will provide unmatched support

With the fitness industry being so popular it may be tempting to start your own fitness business. Why pay someone a licensing fee and a royalty fee for all the work that you do? The answer is that you are not just paying for a name but you are paying for support. When starting a business it is important to understand that there are many elements to success. Being good at all of the success elements is the winning combination. If you are a horrible at site design, most fitness franchises have teams in place to help you with that.

Marketing support is another reason that a fitness franchise is a great choice. Marketing in the fitness industry is very competitive and important. The average attrition rate of a gym or health club is 1 in 3. This means that active, effective and aggressive marketing techniques are needed to maintain steady membership numbers. Most fitness franchises will also help teach you the necessary sales techniques to close sales to keep the customers that are gained through the leads that marketing gains your location.

A good fitness franchise will also provide valuable systems and operations procedures. It can be years of experience before a new business owner finds the formula for success. The nice thing about fitness franchises is that they have methods of operations that are successful in other places. With hard work and a bit of invested energy you can make their procedures work for you.

boot camp marketingThe last reason that you should consider a fitness franchise is because of the community a franchise provides. Many franchise owners note that they were successful only because of the support that the fitness franchise provided to them. In fact 90% of franchises remained open 5 years or more whereas only 20% of independent operations within the same industry remained open the same time span.

Franchising is a smart decision. Franchising in the fitness industry is an even smarter investment. Ensuring your business is in the right industry and has the right tools is just part of being a successful business owner.

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