New Year Revolution

We’ve developed a little tradition over the years here on

Each year on my birthday, during Fitness Business Summit and around Christmas I raise money for a cause that is very near and dear to me, children…. children who need serious medical attention and specialized care and who’s family’s can not afford to pay for their medical services.

If you’ve been a subscriber of PT Power or a clients of mine for any length of time then you know that I support the Shriners Hospitals for Children because they do so much good.

Shriners helps kids and their family’s at zero cost and they provide cutting edge medical services that these children and their families couldn’t otherwise afford.

And they’re able to do this because of generous people just like you and me.

And since 2007, with your help, we’ve donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Shriners Hospital for Children.

Thank YOU for ALWAYS stepping up and giving. YOU have a big heart.

Now, this year I wanted to give you something new, unique, original and cool that will help you get more clients and explode your personal training business. I wanted this to be super awesome because it’s also my way of thanking YOU for putting your trust in me and allowing me to help you grow and systematize your business for the last decade.

AND I came up with the perfect thing. Let me tell you all about it.

So as you already know I’ve got a unique gift at crafting email promotions that attract and convert clients by the truckload.

In fact my 21 day Rapid Fat Loss, 14 Day Fat Furnace, and 28 day Flat Belly Formula sequential email promotions (which you can find on this blog) are responsible for generating an estimated $4.3 million dollars in new personal training and boot camp clients.

I imagine that number would be significantly higher if we were somehow able to get results back from everyone who has used these promotions over the last couple of years.

So this past weekend I sat down and crafted the most killer four email sequential promotion just in time for the New Year.

But remember I wanted this to be WAY over the top. I wanted it to help you knock it out of the park this new year and so it had to be better than anything that you’ve ever mailed out… it had to be awesome… and it had to be MORE than just an email sequence.


Here’s how I made it WAY better…

With the help of my good friend and long time coaching client Josh Carter (who btw is quite simply the man at creating killer Facebook fan pages and generating boatloads of leads and prospects from “the” Facebook) WE made it beyond better!

So here’s what it is…

It’s the New Year REVOLUTION email and Facebook promotion!


As you know each year millions of people make the new year resolution to lose weight. And each year over 80% of them fail. And that is what this promotion capitalizes on.

Basically the entire promotion explains (over 4 emails) how resolutions suck and why they fail. And then it positions YOUR New Year Revolution fitness and fat loss program (outlined in the emails) as the ultimate solution.

And just like the three email promotions I mentioned above, this sequence will convert boatloads of prospects into clients – and at a higher price point, too.

Now here’s what Josh did… he crafted a killer looking fanpage for you to use along with done for you facebook ads to run during the promotion phase of your New Year Revolution program. This means you’re gonna get a ton of clients from your email list AND from Facebook.

The promotion is designed for the first of the four emails to go out on Friday December 30th (there’s a reason that this date is best for the first email – you’ll see when you read it) And then over the next week you’ll send out the other three emails, don’t worry I’ve given you the dates to broadcast and the subject lines to use.

And you’ll use the five done for you ads that Josh has created for you to drive Facebook traffic to the fan page that we’re giving you in this client getting system.

revolution.blur(By the way, Josh made a killer step by step video showing you how to get the fan page below installed on your fan page. It’s SUPER EASY and only takes a few minutes.)

Now, if I were to sell this as an info product it would easily sell for a few hundred bucks. But like I said, I wanted to accoplish two things…

1. To show my gratitude to you for trusting me with your business over the years.

2. To help out an organization that refuses to turn away a single child in need of medical attention – Shriners Hospital for Children.

I know you have a big heart. You’ve proven that over the years as we’ve helped out fellow trainers who’s homes burnt down, victems of stormes, earthquakes, and floods. Thank you for that.

And now I’m asking you to put $29.00 toward helping Shriners Hospital for Children and I’ll give you this amazing New Year marketing program that will get you tons of new clients in just a few days.

Fair enough?

Josh and I are more than happy to create this new year promotion for you. We’re not taking a penny for it. We did all the heavy lifting for you. And I know you’ll agree that donating all the money from this to Shriners is the right thing to do.

So click the add to cart button below, donate your $29.00, and get your New Year Revolution on!



Thanks YOU so much for the helping me help such an awesome cause.

Forever committed to your success,


PS. I just want to publicly thank Josh Cater for totally volunteering to help with this. I’ll be sending you more peanut butter big guy 🙂

PPS. ATTN 100K info and 7 Figure Formula coaching and mastermind members (you know who you are). Even though I sent this entire promotion to you yesterday, I expect you to still click that”add to cart” button and donate your $29 bucks for Shriner’s. You guys rock! 😉