You’re Invited To Las Vegas

::: UPDATE: Only two seats left for this :::

Hey, how would you like to join myself, Craig
Ballantyne, and six other motivated fitness
pros in Las Vegas?
This is by far the smallest group workshop
CB and I have EVER had and the end result
of it will be YOU walking way with the blueprints
AND action steps to creating, launching and
successfully selling your first fitness info

By nature of the small size of this group it WILL

As you probably know Craig and I run the “100K
fitness info mastermind” group where we teach
fitness trainers how to take their skills and expertise
global by creating and selling info programs online.

That mastermind group is closed and we’re not
taking on any new members for it. The people in
it are high energy, action takers, and totally driven.

We love working with them and seeing them succeed.

However, we’re always getting emails from people
asking us about info marketing and help on creating
ebooks, membership sites, and follow along DVDs.

Truth is, the creation of the program is simple.

That’s something we can teach you within an hour.

But where 99% of would be info marketers fail is in the
marketing, list building, sales copy, sales funnel creation
and launch of the product.


After all, both CB and I have multiple online info products,
from the simplest of funnels to sophisticated multiple up
sell funnels that generate us multiple 7 figure – each.

And between the two of us, we’ve helped dozens up
dozens of people create info businesses that are
generating four and five figures each month.

In fact it’s pretty humbling when the top internet marketing
gurus turn to us for advice and want to know what’s
working for us.

Now, I don’t say any of this to impress you.

Although you should be thoroughly impressed 😉

I say this to impress upon you that when a driven and
action oriented fitness pro comes into contact with us,
sometimes within months their online business blows

And now YOU have the unique opportunity to sit with
Craig and I for a full day, with six other driven individuals
and let us give you the step-by-step road map – a full
knowledge transfer, from us, to you.

We’re running this six person workshop just like we
run out successful mastermind groups.

You’ll get the most out of it that way and what you’ll get

Now, let me give you some details on who this is for,
and more importantly who this is NOT for.

This is not for you if…

– if you like the idea of making money online, but
you have no drive or are known to not take action.

– if plan on creating a crappy or shallow product and
using the powerful sales copy skills we teach you to sell it.

– if you’re looking for a quick buck. Yes, results do come,
fast but not over night.

Who this one day info marketing mastermind is for…

– If you have a unique, different, and proven training or
diet program that you want to share with the world.

– If you have a product idea, but don’t know where to start.

– If you don’t have a product or idea (yet) but know that
info marketing is the next progression of what you want to
do. We’ll help you flush out a product and give you the
marketing blueprint to launch it.

– If you already have a fitness info product, but you’re
not making sales, or don’t know what to do with it next.

– And if you’re a positive, driven, action oriented person.

Now for the details…

– The date of this one day intensive mastermind is Wednesday
January, 11th. from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

– The location is an undisclosed hotel on the strip in Las
Vegas (you’ll get the hotel details once you’re accepted).

– Your investment for this mastermind meeting is $1997.

Like I said, we’re keeping this mastermind workshop to
only six attendees and we’re being very selective on who
can and can’t attend.

So, based on what you read, if you feel in your gut that
this one day mastermind workshop is for you. And that
you have value to trade for income with the world then
take the steps below.

1. Email Bryn at
and let her know you’re interested in joining us in Las
Vegas on January, 11th.

2. She’ll ask you a few questions and then schedule
a call 10 minutes call for you and I to speak next this

3. Once you and I talk, and we see that you’re going
to be a good fit for this mastermind workshop, Bryn
will get you dialed in and send you a few things to help
you get prepared for the mastermind.

Committed to your success,


P.S. If you think that you have a great idea for a fitness
info product then reach out to my assistant Bryn at and get the ball rolling.

::: UPDATE: Only two seats left for this :::