A cool little video

Just wanted to share something cool with you.

Something that might motivate and inspire you like it did me –  a video that was sent to use from Birmingham, UK Fit Body Boot Camp owners Oli Reynolds, and Toni Cunningham.

To me, this video encapsulates EVERYTHING that is the American dream, the vision of every fitness business owner, and I remember vividly how awesome it felt building out my first personal training facility and literally feeling, seeing, and sensing the energy that would take place under my roof.

I hope this video gives you that vision and fires up your passion and purpose like it did with me!

Enjoy 🙂

And speaking of vision, passion and purpose…

No matter what level of business you’re in (starting out, established, expanding, or growing into the #1 fitness and boot camp franchise like Fit Body Boot Camp, (thanks to the awesome FBBC owners on board and dedicated staff here at the HQ) you’ve gotta have a vision that guides you, that keeps the standards high and exceeds expectations.

Here’s our Fit Body Boot Camp  vision statement. This is what our clients can expect from us and hold us to, and what their clients can expect from them and hold them to.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, clients, and subscribers. And a killer week to all my international friends =)