Five Ways To Get More Fitness Leads

Ever wonder where your next batch of fitness leads are going to come from?

As a business coach to top level fitness trainers, the number one question I get from new clients is “What can I do to get more fitness leads?”

So I thought the best thing to do is give you a list of five tried, true, and reliable ways to generate fitness leads for your personal training or boot camp business.

  1. The most overlooked place for getting new clients is from your current clients. Referrals are always the best fitness leads you can get, simply because they come to you pre-qualified and pre-sold.  Every training business should have a monthly referral stimulation program. This could be as simple as a hand written thank you card sent to each member, or something a little more elaborate like a referral generation content where the client who sends you the most fitness leads get a free gift or bonus month of training.
  1. Email marketing is still the king of building rapport, trust and credibility with your email list. Of course unless you actively build your email list and consistently email them good, high value content you’re not going to have responsive fitness leads who’ll want to buy your fitness services and refer other to you.

Fitness Leads with Email Marketing

Email marketing is way easier than you think. Tools like FitPro Newsletter are available for you to use if you want the best email marketing for personal trainers. Technology can automate your marketing and make getting fitness leads a whole lot easier.

3. Most trainers have also forgotten one of the most powerful ways to get fitness leads into your training program. It’s good old direct mail.

In fact, many of my most successful coaching clients use direct mail to target the homes they want to penetrate. Several resource can help you get a targeted mailing list to help you generate the most qualified fitness leads. One site that you should consider looking at is a resource site where you can buy targeted mailing addressed.

  1. And since I’m not a fan of putting all your fish in one basket. I think having a website that converts well and attracts the ideal fitness leads is critical. One way to do this is to figure out what keywords people are searching for when looking for fitness and fat loss solutions on search engines. Then optimizing your website to rank high for those keywords so that you can out-rank your competitors and attract the qualified fitness leads to your site.
  1. Now getting prospects to contact you is one thing, but getting them to buy from you is another. So while this article is all about ways to get fitness leads, you should make certain that you have a systematized and scripted way to convert these fitness leads into paying clients.

There’s nothing worse them attracting a ton of leads and then not being able to convert them into clients.

At the end of the day, you’ve got to have multiple polls in the water and a systematic way to close clients on your programs if you want to get the most out of the fitness leads you’re going to generate from the tactics in this article.