How to Get More Personal Trainer Leads

Nine out of ten times I could diagnoses the big problem most fitness businesses have by simply helping them get better personal trainer leads than they’re getting now. My dad has a saying, “there’s nothing cheaper than the most expensive”. By that he means that when you buy the better quality, higher priced thing it’s going to last you longer, treat you better and never need replacing.

The same applies to your personal trainer leads. When you invest in getting better personal trainer leads for your fitness business you will have better clients who refer others and are loyal to you as the day is long.

Now, when I ask most personal trainers how they get their leads I often hear them say that they have no real or systematized lead generation funnel. It’s almost like most personal trainer leads come to them randomly – some from the internet, other by referrals, and some just walk in.

14 Ways to Get More Leads and Clients for Your Personal Training Business

But the most successful fitness trainers, those who are generating six and multiple six figures, have systems in place that practically guarantee them the best personal trainer leads.

Personal Trainer Leads Formula

First and foremost you’re going to need to figure out how much you’re willing to spend to get a new clients. For me, when I ran my personal training businesses I knew that my average client stayed on board for a period of eight months at a price of $297/month.

I know that for me each client is worth about $2400 and after payroll and over head I got to keep 60% of that. So it made sense to me to spend the as much as one month’s worth of payment ($297) to acquire a new client.

What I also knew is that during the lifetime of that clients program with us, they would refer us at least one other client and that would cost us nothing in additional marketing dollars.

So really, for every $297 I would spend – I’d get two clients, each for eight months.

Imagine the type of personal trainer leads you’d get if you were willing to spend almost $300 to get that client.

The next thing to do would be to figure out where your IDEAL clients hang out in your community, what publications they read, what areas they live in and what businesses they go to often. Once you have all that figured out now you can run targeted ads in the publications they read to attract the best personal trainer leads.

You could also go to and buy mailing addresses of people who fit your exact demographics and reach them with giant postcards that grab attention because you know that the homes you’re mailing to are super qualified so it’s cool to spend a little more and get the most qualified personal trainer leads.

Finally, by networking with other business who cater to your ideal client you can joint venture with them to send out cool gifts and attention getting props compliments of them – which is a great way to introduce yourself and get more personal trainer leads to increase your revenue.

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