How to Create a Six Figure Fitness Business

Ordinarily I give you strategies, tactics, and systems on this blog that are pretty high level and deliver killer results for your personal training or boot camp business.

But this blog post is different…

In this blog post I’m gonna speak to the newer fitness trainers and the trainers who feel stuck and are still making under a 100K a year and want to step their business up to the next level.

Check this out… If you were to take away all my money and only leave me with my training and marketing skills and send me to a town I’ve never been to, to start a new life and business – this is what I’d do to build a killer fitness business that serves the type of people I resonate with and gets me to multiple six figures in only a few months.

1. Serve a niche market. You can’t be everything to everyone. But you can be a specialist to a niche, tightly defined market.

2. Create your avatar. Before avatar was a movie it was a way for REAL entrepreneurs to identify who their ideal and exact clients and customers where. See, the more defined your avatar the more targeted your marking and the better results it will generate.

For example, one of my mastermind coaching clients has a training business that mainly serves stay at home moms. Not working moms, not single moms. His avatar is female, age 41, Susan is her name, she has two kids ten and fourteen, her husband works long hours so she can stay at home, she feel responsible for keeping the home from stable, organized, clean, the bills paid, and the family fed. To her, she comes last and deep down inside she wants that body she had before having kids and more important than that is that she wants the confidence she once had.

Now, imagine if you knew YOUR avatar that well. Would that make your marketing easy because you’d know where Susan hangs out, what she reads, where she shops, what circles she hangs out in, and how she talks – her language. Now imagine if you positioned yourself as the expert in training the Susan’s in your area. How much easier and more effective would your marketing be?

3. Lead generate, don’t just advertise. Once you choose the niche market you’re gonna serve and create your ideal client profile (avatar) then lead generation is easy. See, most of your competitors will run GENERAL advertising where they showcase a useless logo (that won’t do a thing to get them clients), they’ll try to “brand” themselves… another epic waste of time, all the while you’ll be laser focused and your only mission would be to generate targeted leads using many of the client getting tactics below.

== Offline Marketing ==

Human billboards
Lead boxes
Body fat table
Direct mail
Print ads
Charity drives
Free Saturday camps
Bring a friend week
21 day rapid fat loss promo
6 week transformation programs
Small group seminars
Grocery store tours
Client referral systems
Plastic gift cards
Past client reactivation system

== Online Marketing ==

Facebook ads
Craigs list posts
Deal of the day sites promotions (these have given many Fit Body Boot Camp owners 250 or more clients in a single day)
Search Engine Optimization
Direct response websites
Squeeze pages
Email marketing
Pay per click ads
Endorsed email mailing by local businesses

4. Convert into clients – Once you have your leads together it’s time to indoctrinate them, get them to know, like and trust you and come in for a consultation, a free week trial, and body diagnostic session – anything but a free training session. free training session is SO played out and it’s pretty much code for “come for a free session so I can club you over the head with lousy sales skills, creep you out, all while trying to make you a clients. Don’t be that guy.

5. Build your tribe. Shitty client retention is probably the number one reason why trainers work their ass off and never hit six figures or any level of success. You can’t keep losing clients and continue to blame circumstance, I’m just say’in.

Here’s the thing with client retention – actually delivering results is only a small piece of the puzzle. If you want to keep you’re clients for years and make the walking, talking billboards for your business then you gotta deliver the love, give them recognition, come with the energy, passion and enthusiasm and make your studio or boot camp their second home.

6. Referral generation is easy. First off, do everything I said above in the client retention section. Next, make referral giving a condition of doing business with you. Ask for referrals from the get go. Give your clients props on facebook, in person, and in front of others when they give you referrals. And for crying out loud don’t be cheap – if client refers to you buy them stuff. Send them a Starbucks card, ticket to the movies or dinner for two. Know what I mean?

Now that you got the core concepts, here’s some other things you need to know if you want a six figure generating fitness business.

A. Run group training programs or boot camp. If you’re still doing one on one training then you’re still trading time for dollars and probably feeling overworked.

B. Use EFT (auto debit) and stop selling blocks of sessions and being a check chaser.

C. Sell 12, 18, and 24 month programs. Focus on LONG TERM programs that deliver long term results.

D. Ruthlessly manage your time. Work off lists, batch proccess like items, and ONLY focus on your five percent. Outsource the trivial 95% to others.

And finally, get your head right. If you live in a state of fear and doubt and have a bad association with money or success then you’re always gonna find reasons why you failed. You can get more mindset stuff here from this video.


That’s it… that’s the formula for creating a six figure fitness business and having the time and freedom to enjoy it.