My WEIRD Little Ritual

fitness marketing

Four days from now Fitness Business Summit
will kick off with over 400 success minded fitness
trainers from eight different countries in attendance.

And two days before that, we’re holding the
Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference
specifically for FBBC owners who want to
advance their marketing, business, and
training knowledge.

It’s gonna be an epic week for our industry!

And even though I’ve been hosting FBS for
the last six years – it’s still intimidating,
overwhelming, and humbling.

A-N-D I STILL get nervous as hell each and
every year at about this time.

But I have a little ritual that helps me overcome
the jitters, the nerves and the stage fright (yep
I have that, too).

Listen, I never in my wildest dreams imagined
that I’d be on stage teaching fitness trainers how
to get more client, better their business, increase
their income and build a lifestyle business.

I still trip out when I think that I’ve shared the stage
with marketing legends like Dan Kennedy, Joe Polish,
John Carlton, Dean Jackson, and Frank Kern.

And this coming week at FBS I’ll be speaking along
side my very first marketing mentor, Jay Abraham.


Me, the foreign kid who came to America at the age
of six, didn’t speak a word of English, and was poor
and broke to the point where my dad would boost me
up into the dumpsters behind grocery stores so I could
fish out expired foods for us to eat that night.

I’m so blessed and grateful for every opportunity I
have like this…

….but I’m still waaaaaay out of my comfort zone
when I think about the upcoming week.

But, as Confucius say: “Life really begins when
you step outside of your comfort zone”

Okay, I’m pretty sure Confucius didn’t say that… but
someone really smart did.. and I believe it.

Live out of your comfort zone. Get out of the “box”

Heck, set the damn box on fire!

Sure it’s scary, but when you think about it.. the best
things in your life have probably happened when you
stepped outta the box and got a little uncomfortable.

So I go though my little ritual that helps me relax,
focus, and be the best me that I can be each time I’m
about to step outta my comfort zone.

It’s something that I learned from my Kenpo instructor
back when I’d compete in the IKKA.

(I guess he could tell I was super anxious and way outta
my comfort zone at my first competition…lol)

What he taught me was how to visualize the outcome I

This later helped me as I got into lifting really heavy weights.

And most recently it helped me literally cut my healing and
recovery time in half last summer after having my right bicep

Here’s how visualization worked for me in the weight room.

Each time before a heavy lift I’d visualize the entire thing.

Squats for example; before a heavy set of squats I’d sit on the
bench and visualize the entire thing…

not just the lift, but the ENTIRE thing.

In my mind’s eye I’d see myself wrapping my left knee,
then my right.

Then I’d see myself walking to the bar, positioning my hands
just right, and then tucking my head under the bar and letting
the bar sit low on my traps.

I’d see myself lifting off, stepping back, positioning my feet,
finding the sweet spot on the mirror to fix my eyes on, and
then I go through each of the four reps … feeling the weight
for each rep, then finally walking the bar in and racking it up.

It never failed.

If I could clearly visualize it all in my head, then I could
recreate it moments later.

The fear of never having done that weight was removed
out of my psyche, further, I just proved to myself that I
could actually squat that weight.

These days I use visualization techniques all the time.

Right about now is when I start visualizing several times a
day about Fitness Business Summit.

I don’t just do it to alleviates my anxiety about getting up on
stage… although that’s a BIG reason why I do it 😉

I mainly visualize the outcome – the gems and nuggets of knowledge
that I want each and every trainer to walk away with.

See, the thing that I learned about visualization is that your mind
can’t tell the difference between you actually doing the “thing”
vs you vividly visualizing the “thing”.

Your mind just knows that it needs to build neural pathways in
your brain so that the next time you do the “thing”, it will come
more naturally.

If you don’t us visualization techniques, you should try.

Use it with how you want your life to look.

Use it with how you want your business to operate.Use it with your clients so they can get better, lasting


Use it when you need to step out of your comfort zone…
…imagine the outcome that you want to achieve.

Live easy,

Bedros Keuilian