The Story Of The “Turn Around” Trainer…

Here’s a REAL life example of how quickly you can
turn your business (or life) around.

And it has nothing to do with better boot camp marketing

I spent part of the my day yesterday doing strategy
calls with a few of my private coaching clients.

Call #3: “Susan”, runs successful boot camps. In fact
she owns two Fit Body Boot Camp locations that
collectively generate her multiple six figures.

While her business had been chugging along and making
her a good living… in the last year she found herself working
extra hard just to produce the same amount of clients, referrals,
and income.

This was burning her out, and I could hear it in her voice.

Then all of the sudden something changed…

At our last mastermind meeting she learned how to craft
emails that got opened, made killer offers, and moved people
to action.

During the week of Valentines she put her new email skills
to the test…

“Susan” crafted and sent out two emails to her list that ended
up producing just under $25,000 in new income for herself.

It came fast.

It came that easy.

And ALL at once.

And since that V day promotion she’s been WAY on top of
her game…

– crafting more emails
– running a charity event
– doing a strategic endorsements
– and running a referral generation contests

No doubt she’ll add another $5,000 – $7,000 of recurring income
into funnel over the next few months simply becuase of this high
she’s on.

So what happened?

Confidence boost.

With confidence comes momentum and consistency.

Maxwell Maltz talks about this in his book Psycho Cybernetics
(great book btw, HIGHLY recommended)

In the book he talks about a sales manager who was dealing
with a sales person who was otherwise awesome, but in a slump.

So to get this sales rep out of the extended slumpiness, the sales
manager set up a “lay down”. Basically he paid someone off to buy
from this sales rep NO MATTER WHAT.

The sales person made the sales, regained her confidence, and
went onto close deals at a record breaking pace.

Jeremy Lin come to mind from recent events in the media?

One good shot, promotion, sale, speech, or offer can totally change
everything around for you.

… but for that change to take place you gotta get your butt off the
bench and into the game.