The New Rules Of Fitness Marketing

Fitness Marketing is always changing.

I remember a time when you could leave flyers
at local businesses and my phone would ring
off the hook.

Those days are gone.

So are the days of handing a person your
business card and thinking they’re gonna


Fitness Marketing

I was doing a phone coaching call with a new
mastermind client a few days ago and I went
over a list of three things that are working
like gang busters right now to get more clients.

I thought you could benefit from this list, too.

So here’s what’s working and what’s not.

1. Google pay per click ads really went down the
crapper a few years ago.

They got too expensive and they were way too
strict with the site and ad copy to really generate
any leads.

Well, google’s loosened up. Probably becuase
facebook was taking all their PPC revenue.

These days, they’re cool with the sites that you
post up (so long as they don’t misrepresent
or over promise).

And the cost of the clicks have come down too.

Here’s the page I send paid traffic too… << one of my best lead

2. Email marketing still rains king of all relationship,
authority, credibility, and trust building.

And it’s still THE best lead PAID lead generator
out there.

In fact my now famous 14 Day Fat Furnace
and 28 Day Flat Belly Formula email sequence
is responsible for getting thousands of new clients,
and tens of thousands of dollars for trainer who
have used them.

Here are both done-for-you email promotions
for you to swipe and deploy…

Click here for the 28 Day Flat Belly Promo

Click Here for the 14 Day Fat Furnace Promo

3. And then there’s the death of the deal of the
day sites.

Most really suck now, and the people that
buy from them are like nomads – going
from deal to deal and never really wanting to
fully commit.

The solution to the nomadic problem is to
have a systematic filtration system to weed
out the nomads and only bring in the quality

Best way to do this is to send the deal of the
day folks to a site where they will opt in for
a start day (I’d have four start days spread out
over a month), pay a refundable $10 to hold
their spot, and then when they come in on
their start day they get the $10 refunded.

Plus that gives you their credit card info
so you can up sell them right into one of
your programs.

Now, recently (and it’s still in beta) Google
as gotten into the deal game – and they’ve
done it the right way.

I’ve been testing out their beta program and
it looks very promising.

First off they have the people who opt in to
their list qualify and choose the deals that
they want most from categories like food,
entertainment, health, ect.

Then they drill down even deeper…

They have you select what deals you want
to get offered from the health section, like
spa, gym memberships, personal training,

So while their list by default will not be huge,
it will be hyper responsive with QUALIFIED

Here’s the google offers home page.

It’s still brand new and only in select cities
but still worth you singing up for it and keeping
an eye on.

4. Print ads and direct mail is still one of the most
under the radar ways for getting clients.

What’s best about print ads in local publications
is that they ride on the credibility of the magazine
or newspaper itself.

And with direct mail, you can get targeted prospects
from (Or for my friends
in Canadia)

Once you buy the targeted list, just send them
low barrier, high value irresistible offers to get them
into your program.

Here’s a blog post where I show you some killer
print ads and postcards that have produced awesome

With the new year coming up and all, I thought you
could use some client getting ideas and fitness marketing
tactics that are working right now and producing BIG results.