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Magnetic Client Attraction Video

Bonus Video: The $123K Sales Letter

In this video I break down an actual example of the marketing letter that got one trainer over $123k in new clients in less than four weeks.

More Bonus Gifts

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Audio Program 1: Marketing Strategies

How to use the two step marketing system to attract new clients and How to use the guaranteed press release to get publicity every time.

Audio Program 2: Positioning Secrets

How to position yourself as the top fitness expert in your community.

Audio Program 3: Medical Referral Secrets

How to get boatloads of referrals from your local medical community.

Audio Program 4: Online Marketing Secrets

How to get top ranking on search engines and get tons of qualified leads.

continuitycdFitness Continuity Income Audio Program
If you want to know how to create EFT or continuity income in your business and build a reliable and secure income stream that will take care of you even in slow months then you’ll want to listen to this audio program.

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Download “Fitness Continuity Income”

medreferralcdPT Medical Referrals Audio Program
If you want to know how I helped 2006 personal trainer of the year position himself in front of his local medical community and start generating tons of referrals from local doctors then you’ll want to listen to the “PT medical referrals” audio program.

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Download “Fitness Continuity Income”

Bonus – Fitness Marketing Funnel Video
In the video below I show you how to create a fitness marketing funnel for your business AND give you a couple examples and even show you an actual site that converts leads like mad.