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Six-Figure Boot Camp In 60 Days Using Human Billboards


You never know what will happen at the Fitness Business Summit.

Guest post by Steve “The Boot Camp Dominator” Hochman

Hey, Bedros Keuilian here…

Ifitbody boot camp marketing human billboardsf you were at Fitness Business Summit 09 then you know we finally revealed PROJECT X (which is now known as Fit Body Bootcamp.)

We had planned on only opening 12 territories for our beta testers… but after the dust settled we had 36 Fit Body Bootcamp locations (including France, UK, and Canada).

Steve shared one of his best boot camp marketing client getting tactics at the Summit – the human billboard script. Now he’s going to show you how to use this same system using craigs list.


Take it away Steve!

Before we get started I’m gonna climb up on my soap box for a minute.

There’s something I want to say to ANYONE who ever told us, “YOU CAN’T” or “YOU’LL NEVER MAKE IT” or “YOU”RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH”…

F them!

Get at far away from those DREAM SUCKERS as possible.

I’m here to say, “YES YOU CAN!”

braveheartIf you have a dream YOU CAN ACHIEVE it…
You WILL achieve it!
I BELIEVE in you if you believe in yourself.

Act as if… That’s right, act as if it’s already friggin happened.
And if you don’t know what to do… say to yourself,
“But if I did know. What would I do?”

You’d be amazed what you come up with.

Whoa… Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.
I feel much better now.

Ok, back to six-figures boot camps in 60 days with human billboard marketing.

Here we friggin go… I’m gonna lay it out for you right friggin now.

It’s REALLY simple so don’t let yourself complicate it.

Just learn what I’m about to teach you and then take IMMEDIATE MASSIVE ACTION.

(I’m gonna HAND you the tools that you need)


So here is one of they ways I built my 7 six-figure boot camp locations.

You get 21 people who are willing to barter boot camp services for referring just 1 paying friend per month.




Here’s how I found my Human Billboards…

Get on and post an ad similar to the one below. (If you don’t know how to post ads with pics on craigslist, just find an ad with pics and ask them who posted theirs)

The 6 best categories to post in are:

  1. General
  2. Lessons
  3. Classes
  4. Activates
  5. Beauty
  6. Therapeutic

Subject – FREE Fitness Boot Camp (with one small catch)


steveIt’s really is THAT simple to have your boot camps on track to make six-figures a year in 60 days.

And if you want to build multiple six-figure locations and have a TRUE business model that me and Bedros painstakingly created, then don’t miss out on your next opportunity to secure your Fit Body Boot Camp (formerly known as PROJECT X) territory.

The doors are locked shut right now but will be opening up for a brief moment soon, so stay tuned.

To learn more of Steve Hochman’s INSANE and out-of-the-box boot camp systems, and marketing tactics go to

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  • Rafael Moret

    Bad Ass Post….

    Ready To Kill It in South Fl


  • Donovan "DFitnessguy" Owens

    Whoomp, there it is! Steve Hochman does it again.

    Steve, I love the content you put out. You keep it
    real and practical…and you just keep giving.

    Love it man!

    Donovan “DFitnessguy” Owens

  • Adam Toohey

    I say Whoomp there it is…

    Quality shizen Knackers…

    As D. Owens said you are always bringin it and always giving…

    This is awesome shiz and Bootcamp Domination is Imminent….

    Adam “Jatz” Toohey

  • craig


    I love the info you provide.

    I am just starting up my own bootcamp and I can’t wait to put this into practise.

    Thanks again.


  • Keith Banks

    Right On! I’m geeked off the energy!

    Just starting out myself and I have nothing to
    lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

    Appreciate what you do


  • Craigslist Proxy

    Seems that CL is in the news for good and bad stuff a lot. Especially about that case on the news recently.

  • Coach Davis

    After a very successful month with my Mother’s Day Specials & BIKER/SUV CLUB Promos, this is going to take my biz to an entirely new level for sure!!!!! Can’t thank you enough!!!!

  • Justin


    You so crazy!

    You are like a mad scientist that keeps mixing shit together to come up with the Frankenstein of Boot Camp models. I think it’s safe to say that everyone on your blog loves it and if they don’t they just don’t get it.

    three questions. 1. how much do you end up paying for your camp locations per month or per hour?

    2. It looks like you hold your camps 6 days/week (Monday-Saturday, is that correct? Besides from a fat loss standpoint, what other advantages are there to running the camp that many days?

    3. I know this question has come up before, but how do you suggest I take my people that have been used to paying for 4 weeks at a time in our camps to auto debit that happens automatically each month? How do you deal with missed days due to sickness, injury…?

    Thanks for keep’n it real and not sugar coating your info!


  • Alexander Morentin

    I tried this last year during December and it worked very well.

    My ad copy wasn’t even as polished as the script above.

    Just remember to treat every one of the billboards as if they are paying clients.
    Never discount what they can do for your business.

    Thanks guys. Very cool info.

  • Jeremy Nelms

    After 14 years in the industry, I have purposefully kept away from fitness for nearly 5 months. No seminars. No conferences. No teleseminars or webinars.

    No Alwyn, Bedros, Ryan, Jim, Pat, or Nick (even though they are all *great*).

    But now… there is Steve Hochman. And if someone asked me where I would spend my “self-education” money this year in fitness – my current vote is on Steve.

    God bless,

    Jeremy Nelms

  • Ali Ruddy

    And that is how Steve Hochman does it lady’s and gentlemen. Simple right? Now all you need to do is act, act, act. A wise man once said “Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do” – John Wooden

  • Steve Auxier


    That is awesome! I love your positive and crazy personality. That is the way all fitness people should be:)

    Thank you again!


  • TC

    Hey Steve dude
    You just kill it with this post. This is some strategy that I have not try it out. Going to try this out.


  • Jonathan Lerner

    Wicked content as always Steve and you definitely over delivered by giving away your template for the CL ad!!

    Also don’t just think about using human billboards to market for you.

    Utilize this same tactic for bartering services in your business. Namely the stuff you don’t want to do ie. admin, website stuff, article writing etc. Therefore you can concentrate more on the marketing and training, what you actually want to do!

    Jonathan Lerner

  • Forrest Folen

    It’s crazy how you keep putting up just the right content, at just the right time, Steve!

    Thanks again!


  • Jamie Philippi

    Steve and Bedros,

    Thanks for the great information. I actually just opened up my own Training studio on April 20th and used your Human Billboard concept to get one of our group training programs off the ground. It worked amazing! We used your idea of getting the first 20 people to sign up at “special rate” of $15/session 3x/wk or $195/month – on an ongoing EFT of course. After the first 11days we already had 22 people sign up and now those people are starting to bring in their friends and referals. We are not even 30days into our grand opening and already the Buz has been amazing. I Wanted to Thank Both of you Guys for the great informtion.

    Also, My Business Partner went to the FBS09 and said it was amazing (we already signed up for next year). We are psyched about were can go from here with all the fantastic information that was delivered and are inspired by the path you guys have already laid out for us to follow.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

    In Health,

    Jamie Philippi

  • Randy Young

    We are starting a new concepts in West Des Moines, IA called Figure Camp and can not wait to try this concept. Please take a look at out website and let us know what you think of our concept.

    Thanks for all the great info!

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  • Ericka

    REALLY great post! I’ve been advertising on Craiglist for a couple of weeks now with little results, I’m realizing that I’m not taking advantage of the exposure I could have in this medium.