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How to get WAY more done in a day

How to get WAY more done in a day [The 3 P's]

I’m known to get a lot done in a day.

I’ll show you how you can do the same in
just a moment.

Here’s a list of how my day looked yesterday…

- Trained with a champion MMA fighter.

- Picked up the GTR from the tuner – subsequently
took it to the body shop to have the front spoiler
worked on.

- Did four Fit Body Boot Camp coaching calls.

- Welcomed two new Fit Body Boot Camp owners
on board with a call.

- Crafted a blog post on how to give yourself a 30%
pay increase.

- Shot three content videos.

- Had lunch with my friend Mike Mahon.

- Signed my name/initials 97 times on a VERY big deal
we’ve been working on for some time.

- Cleared my inbox… about 20 emails.

- Prepped teaching material for the Fit Body Boot
Camp University that takes place the next three days.

- Got in a killer workout (pull muscles – all super setted).

- Hung out with my kids and tucked them in.

- Did ten hill sprints on my driveway.

- Drank my beer for the day (doing a 100 day beer

- Watched an episode of South Land (GREAT show. Highly
recommend it.)

Was it a long hard day?

Sure was.

Do I feel accomplished and on track with my life goals
and purpose – HELL YEAH!

My secret?

The three P’s

1. Prepared
- The best way to be productive and to
get a crap load of stuff done is to be prepared the night

I work off lists. I put my list in order of things that I need
to do. And in the morning I do them EXACTLY in that order.

2. Priority
– I do the things that are the biggest priorities
to me. That’s that bring value to my clients and customers,
that’s that make me happy, and things that make me money.

I let NOTHING get in the way of my priorities.

I’ll avoid calls that are unscheduled, emails that are pointless,
and Facebook distractions that can suck my time away.

3. Procrastination – Listen, just like you, I’m human.
It’s easy to want to goof around with my text messages, or
hop onto Facebook “kill” a few minutes (read hours), or
let uninvited emails lead me down rabbit hole of agendas
that other people have for me.

So to avoid procrastination I shut down my emails, my
Facebook page, and put my iPhone on silent. And only
focus on my list of productivity producing tasks until I
get each one of them done.

It’s a lot easier than you think.

Imagine all the things you can do if you just chose to be
this productive.

It’s just a matter of being prepared, knowing your priorities
and avoiding the things that cause procrastination.

YOU can do it. I believe in YOU.

Live Easy :)


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