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Fitness Business Marketing Done Right

You’re in luck! I’ve got another new and awesome video to help you better marketing your fitness business and to help you become the local expert and authority on fitness in your community.

This past March at Fitness Business Summit 12 Yuri Elkaim (one of the most successful fitness and wellness experts on the planet) took the stage and shared how he dominates YouTube and uses education based marketing to get leads and clients into his business faster than any of his competitors.

If you think that your “job” is to build your brand awareness… you’re wrong. In this video Yuri is gonna show you how direct response marketing is the ONLY marketing that you should be doing becuase it’s accountable, predictable and delivers measurable results.


Hope you got a lot from this fitness business marketing video. Now if you were at Fitness Business Summit 12 this past March then you saw the entire presentation that Yuri gave. If you missed FBS12 then stay tuned becuase soon you’ll be able to register for Fitness Business Summit 13.

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  • James Bond

    what a fantastic posting!

  • Brian Meisenburg

    Awesome video. Looking forward to seeing fbs 13!


    Brian Meisenburg

  • DrGeorge

    Thanks Bedros – and Yuri. Great info!

  • Daniel sodre

    thansk Bedrosss

  • Steve Auxier

    Bedros very good video…he does make a lot of good points..customer service is the key!