The Only 4 “D’s” You Need to Succeed in Your Fitness Business (Part 1-4)

Here’s something to chew on: Be clear on your vision.

Yes, you’ll change lives through fitness. But what is your vision?

Maybe that means you stop running local body fat test tables at the local grocery store and go all in on social media marketing to build your brand globally.

As you fine-tune your purpose and vision, your path becomes clear.

But how do you get there? Well,  you use the “4D” method.

There are four “D’s”—four words that start with “D”—that will help you achieve not only massive success but, with that, significance.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be revealing them one-by-one…

Today’s word? Dominate.



First, you have to decide that this is your path, but you have to stick to it no matter what.

I’ve seen so many people fail because, even though they have great ideas, they never execute. Commit to be part of that one percent of the population that makes shit happen.

After all, you have an obligation to use your gifts to make shit happen.

See, I use my gifts in two ways: to help you become the best entrepreneur you can be, and to get you more clients so you can deliver life-changing fitness results to them.

So I have an obligation and a duty to constantly sharpen my skills and become the best and deliver the best and coach the best. I sell my vision. I sell my purpose, because I have an obligation to my family, to our industry, and to your clients.

I don’t take that lightly, man.

See, I made that decision to commit.

But when you do, you can’t let criticism, failures, adversity, even the need for approval, take you down.

One of my clients recently told me about a dilemma he was in. He had to fire a trainer, even though that trainer is one of his best and most popular.

So why did he have to fire him? Well, you know, he was schtupping one of his clients. Not good at all.

That’s no question a fire-able offense. That’s the right thing to do.

His response? “I don’t know man, my clients are gonna be upset ’cause he’s one of my best trainers.”

Instead of doing what’s right, he wanted to do what would be popular with his clients. Do you understand that? That’s the wrong decision, man.

You cannot be approval seeking. You cannot worry about criticism of others. Just google “Bedros Keuilian reviews.” You’ll see so much hate posted about me it’ll blow your mind, from to

I really could care less.

If you’re gonna commit to this, go all in or go find another industry. I like to call it “burning the boats.”


There’s an old story of a military general leading his troops to war. Of course, before they fight they ask the general, “How are we going to win this war?”

He tells them this: “Well, we have no choice gentlemen. We’ve burned the boats. We either die on this island or we own it.”

You have to be obsessed. You can’t just put your toe into the pool. Get obsessed and go all in.



The next “D” is discipline. There are three areas that absolutely require discipline.

Let’s start with the first two…health discipline and mental discipline. Well what do you mean, Bedros?

Here’s what I mean. As an entrepreneur, we deal with shit that our employees and our friends who have jobs will never understand. So because of that, we have to keep our health up.

You can’t just hang out with losers, drink excessively, wake up with a hangover, and walk through molasses during your workday. Your livelihood depends on you making decisions faster than anyone else.

The decisions you make impact other people’s health, their fitness, your income, and the income of your team members. Knowing that you pay someone else’s bills—that’s pressure, right?

So get your sleep in. Eat right. Stay fit. It’s that simple.

Now you’ll also need mental discipline. Pretty self-explanatory…

Make sure that your mental head space is tight, that you always surround yourself with the right people who will build you up and not tear you down.

There’s a third kind of discipline called entrepreneurial discipline: You only do the things that make money, get clients

, and produce results. That’s it.

As an entrepreneur, you have to stay on the cutting edge of the business world. If you think that you’ll also clean toilets, restock tissues in the women’s restroom, vacuum—all that stuff you could pay someone $20 an hour or less to do—you are dead wrong.

That is entrepreneurial suicide. It takes you away from the stuff that makes you money, brings in clients, and gets your clients results.

That guy or gal that I’m coaching, who’s in your town competing against you? They’re doing what’s in their 5 percent.

They are entrepreneurially disciplined.

You’re like, “Yeah, but I have to market. I have to make my Facebook funnel.”

You do, but you’re not a Facebook marketing expert. There are a ton of Facebook marketing experts out there ready to help you out. Let them do the work for you.

Get disciplined in these three areas, because you’re a fighter jet.

You wouldn’t take a crop duster to work, because guess what happens?

Say we need a squadron of five fighter jets to go to war, and we have four fighter jets and one crop duster, and they all have to fly in formation. Well that means these four fighter jets have to slow down to keep up with the crop duster.

And guess what happens when a fighter jet slows down? It falls out of the sky. It needs speed.

So you need to be high speed, high performance, and you need to hang out with people who are high speed, high performance and have thoughts that are high speed, high performance.



You’ve made the decision to stay on your path, and you’re disciplined. Now you dominate.

This is where the work begins.

Guess what folks? We have to do the work.

Let me tell you this: we can’t go around telling people what our vision is, only to say, “One day I’m gonna write a book.” You have to sit down and write 1,000 words every morning if you’re gonna write a book. That book’s not gonna write itself.

You have to do the work. Don’t fall in love with the destination of helping 500 people with your local gym or writing 5 New York Times bestsellers. Don’t fall in love with the outcome.

What? What the hell are you talking about B?

Fall in love with the work.

When you fall in love with the work, the outcome is a given. It’s 100 percent. It’s a byproduct. But you have to do the work, and you have to fall in love with the work.

You have to do the work every day. That’s how you dominate. Then you surround yourself with winners and mentors, people who are doing the work too.

See, when I see how hard my good friend Craig Ballantyne works and I get an email from him at three in the morning, it makes me want to be the guy that responds at 3:01.

For that to happen, I have to wake up super early, don’t I?

So I surround myself with winners. I surrounded myself with people who were doing better than me, even when I didn’t have high expectations of myself.

But you also have to focus on the 5 percent that matters, because if you try and focus on things that can be done by others for $20 or less, you’re gonna be in this place of “stuck” forever (more on that later…).

And you’ll wonder, “Why is the guy that started at the same time that I did so far ahead of me?” Because when you focus on the 5 percent that matters, you get ahead faster.

What is your 5 percent? It’s to delegate, motivate, and sell.

I’ll break that down for you real quick. Let’s start in reverse…

Selling. What does selling mean? You’re gonna sell people face to face, or in groups if you do group closing.

You’re gonna turn your leads into paying clients. That’s important because it really means you’re turning your leads into money. That’s important.

But part of selling is nailing down your lead marketing. That doesn’t mean you have to set up the funnel. That means you have to come up with the funnel idea, or go buy the funnel idea, then hire someone to run the funnel on Facebook for you.

Now what about motivate? Let me explain.

You motivate your clients and you motivate your team. How? You get everyone on the same page.

Every Monday morning, I send out an email to my headquarters team. Every Tuesday, I go on the Fit Body Boot Camp Facebook group and do a video to get everyone on the same page. I motivate them and remind them of their path, their purpose, and their vision.

It’s important to do that. Remember, every single one of you should have a private Facebook group for your clients.

Go into that group on Monday morning and Facebook live and say this:

“Look. I don’t care what you ate over the weekend. I don’t want you to beat yourself up the rest of the week. I hope that you’ve prepped something and you get the most out of your Monday morning, because when you win your Monday morning, you win your Monday. When you win your Monday, you win your week. So go out there and dominate with your diet and your workouts. I’ll see you at the gym today.”

That’s a great live video that you can do, and it only takes about 30 seconds. Remind them that you’re there to serve them.



Finally, we have to delegate. This one goes hand-in-hand with that entrepreneurial discipline I talked about earlier.

If you have business partners or team members, odds are you’re doing too much. You have to delegate things off your plate.

Delegate the job of creating workouts to your trainers. You don’t say, “I made you a workout to run.” You say, “Make the workout. Make sure I bless it before you run it.”

You see the difference?

When you make the workout, you spend your time on a job that you could hire someone to do for $20 or less.

But when you delegate the task of crafting that workout off your plate? Now you’re doing what a leader does.

That’s one less thing you have to do.

Someone might argue that it only takes me ten minutes to make a workout.

Let’s break it down. So it takes ten minutes to make a workout. It also takes about five minutes to shift gears into that, then five minutes to shift gears out of that. That’s 20 minutes.

You give me 20 minutes and an iPhone and 10 leads and I will call those leads up and get them to come in to my facility. See, I’ll do the selling. I want the phone and the phone numbers.

But no one can make workouts? Come on.

You only get paid for done.

This is it man. You only get paid for done.

Make no mistake about it. All your ideas mean nothing.

People go, “Hey Bedros, I had the same idea as you when you had hi-tech trainer. I was gonna create a program that people could download onto their palm pilots. And then when the iPhones came out…” I ask them, “Why didn’t you do it?”

See, I execute. I believe in speed of implementation because I only get paid when it’s done. I can’t just say, “I had that idea. That’s my money.”

You only get paid for done. Remember that.

You do the work. You surround yourself with winners and mentors who will help you do it better. You focus on the 5 percent that matters and delegate, motivate, and sell.

I only get paid when my book is published, when my gym is open and full, when that info product makes sales left and right.

And so you want to have this dominator’s mindset where you’re disciplined in your health and your self-growth and as an entrepreneur, where you decide that this is your path that you’re sticking to, and where you delegate the right way. That’s when you’re considered a dominator.

There’s one last characteristic you need as an entrepreneur…resilience.

That means you have to be resilient like a weed. You’ve heard me say this before. An everyday garden weed can split concrete and grow right out of it, can split asphalt and grow right out of it.

Home Depot or Lowe’s has yet to sell a product that is so powerful that you could spray on a garden weed and kill the damn thing. It comes back angrier, meaner, and stronger and says, “What you got?”

So you have to be resilient like a garden weed because the world is gonna come at you. That’s what happens when you do something great.

Adversity begins to creep up. People begin to have fear. People begin to criticize. Those are all the different sprays and concretes that try to take down the weed.

You just split right through and you come back stronger, just like a weed.


Committed to your success,