8 Elements Of Killer Info Product Sales Site

Last week I did a blog post and I mentioned my coaching client Rob King who is killing it with his different fitness info products. That post was about mindset, taking accountability for your successes (and failures) and taking massive action – everything that Rob King does – which is why he’s so successful.

You can read that post here.

Since that post I’ve gotten a ton of emails from fitness trainers asking some really good questions about information marketing… questions like:

–  how and when is the best time to do a product launch?

– what the number one way to get traffic to my sales site?

– how can I get the top affiliates to promote my product?

– should I sell my product on clickbank or through my own shopping cart?

– do I need an up sell offer, and what should it be?

– how much should I price my product?

– what shopping cart and autoresponder system is best to use?

– what is the best way to get my site to rank for my keywords?

But the question I got most was; how do I create a website that sells my product? Some people already had sites, were getting okay traffic, but still weren’t selling anything and others where just starting create their sales sites but didn’t know what the best way was to craft a sales site that sells.

Now, I’m glad I got all these questions because honestly I get the feeling that most fitness trainers feel that all they have to do is write an ebook about their specialized method of exercising and eating, get up a website, and slap a  “buy now” button and the site and the sales will start rolling in.

That’s not exactly how it works.

And if you have ever created a workout DVD, membership site, or fitness ebook then you’ve probably experienced the disappointment of selling stuff online.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that ANYONE can successfully sell fitness info products online, the problem is that most people go about it all wrong and end up failing miserably.

See, it’s like this… according to PublishingCentral.com the odds of having a physical book get picked up and published by a REAL publisher is between 1-2%. I think you’d agree that those odds suck, right?

However, they also go on to say that the odds are that crappy because most manuscript submissions are poorly written, incorrectly submitted or submitted through the wrong channels, and most have lousy structure. However, just simply structuring a manuscript correctly and submitting it though the right channels triple your odds of getting published.

And actually having an agent who represents you, further increases your odds.

That’s how the publishing world works. Go about it wrong and you’ll never get published. Go about it the right way and your odds substantially increase.

The same applies for selling online fitness info products… do it right and you’ll do well… do it wrong and you’ll waste a ton of time, money and effort and ultimately end up frustrated. I’ve seen it happen to way too many good trainers.

And since the biggest question I got last week was about creating, structuring, and crafting a sales site that actually sells your info product, I’m going to show you the 8 key elements for a killer sales site.

Element #1: Follow A.I.D.A. when crafting your sales copy.

ATTENTION: Use benefit rich, attention grabbing headlines to get your site visitor to stop in their track and want to read more. Some of my most favorite headlines start like with:

“Who Else Wants To ….”
“How To…”
“They All Laughed When I Said…”
“Discover How…”

Here’s a headline from one of my best selling products (Close Clients) A great example of benefit rich headline with built in proof elements:


INTEREST: The next part of your sales copy should get the readers interest to peak. It should get them to want to learn more about your product. It should agitate the biggest problem they are experiencing.

DESIRE: After agitating the the biggest problem that your site visitor is experiencing, you’ll start positioning your product as THE solution to fix their big problem. If they came to your site becuase they have shin splints then at this point in your copy you’d tell them how your unique and secret solution for curing shin splints has helped hundreds of runners get back into their sport in record time.

And to further increase the desire response you’d back this portion of the copy up with real world testimonials from runners just like then who have successfully used your shin splint solution to quickly get rid of their painful. And to even further the desire response you’d add several HIGH VALUE bonuses gifts to your site that make your core product better.

ACTION: Finally, and this is where most new sales sites totally drop the ball, you’ve got to ask the reader to take action. This is where you give a clear cut call to action telling them what to do next and when. You’ve got to give them a compelling reason to take that action now. And you can give several different reasons to take action… In fact you can stack them together to build maximum urgency and response.

For example…

1. A deadline date where they save $X for buying before the deadline.

2. A deadline date where the top bonus goes away.

3. A deadline date when the product goes off the market.

Element #2: Proof, lots proof, social proof. Because you can hype up your product all you want. But it will never produce the results that REAL WORLD testimonials from people who have tried and benefited from your product could.

Here’s a stack of testimonials from my coaching clients Shawna K (FemaleFatlossOver40.com). A great example of overwhelming social proof:


Proof elements come in a bunch of different way too… not just testimonials.For example, check out Rob King’s sales page here… just in the top portion of his sales site he’s got three proof elements. 1) The red “As Seen On Inside Fitness”, 2) the Facebook “like” button, 3) The picture of him and Jay Cutler together. All of this subtly tells the reader “trust, authority, and credibility”. Know what I’m say’in?

Element #3: Write killer copy. Salesmanship in print is like having the ability to print money on demand. Compelling sales copy sucks the reader into a story. That’s how we learn best. Think about it, the entire Bible is written in stories. The best copies out there are usually follow one of these two formulas:

1) Star, Story, Solution.

2) Or, Problem, Agitation, Solution.

Some of the folks that I’ve learned the best copy writing skills from include: John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Frank Kern, and Clayton Makepeace. Get their stuff and dial in your copy writing skills.

Element #4: Killer graphic design is a must. Even as little as a year ago you could get away with a shitty looking sales site with poor graphics. But these days you need killer graphics, product images, headers and footers. In fact one top Internet marketer recorded a 3% bump in sales conversion once he updated his product images.


From my System 9 product sales page:

From Female Fat Loss Over 40: Killer headline and product image:

From my PT Business Course sales page:


Element #5: Product depth, quality, and ease of use are critical if you want to have a successful info business. Poor product quality is the kiss of death for your info business. Your product should be easy to access and solve their biggest problem quickly and easily. If you have a membership site, make the information easy to access and user friendly.

A crafty sales site might get you one sale, but if your product is crappy then you’re never going to get repeat sales (which is where the real money is).

Element #6: The Guarantee. People are more skeptical than ever today, so you’ve got to reverse the prospect of all risk. There used to be a time when a 30 day money back guarantee was okay. But these days you have to exceed the customers expectation, give them 100% confidence that they are protected unconditionally. Plus a good guarantee works as one of the best components to sell your product.

Here are some examples of guarantees that you’ll want to model for your info product:

This one is from my PT Business Course…

This one is from Shanwa K’s product (FemaleFatLossOver40.com)


Element #7: The benefit bullets are the most overlooked component of sales copy. However, next to the headline, they are the most valuable selling component because there are two types of buyers out there.

First there are the people who read the ENTIRE long copy and then decide if they will buy or not. Then there are the folks who read the headline, scroll down to the benefit bullets and read those, and the scroll further down to the P.S. and read that and then decide of the product is right for them.

In fact here are the benefit bullets from John Romaniello’s Final Phase Fat Loss program:


Element #8: The post script (P.S.) is your last opportunity to tub at the buyers desire to want to buy your product. The best post scripts out there are ones reiterate the top product benefit in it as well as build a sense of urgency while giving a call to action.

If your P.S. comes off sounding desperate, needy, pushy, weak or you simply just don’t have one then you’re sure to lose the sale in most cases. Here are killer post scripts that will give you an idea of how to write one yourself.

First from Female Fat Loss Over 40:

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And this one is from my PT Business Course… This performs well because it not only gives you a strong benefit, but also reminds the  buyer that doing nothing is only going to make you six months older and still just as broke. It challenges you to take action.

PS. “Look – 6 months from now you could be nothing more than half a year older, or you can be on your way to extraordinary personal training profits. You decide. You have nothing to fear, because you’re protected by a full 365-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So Order Your Personal Trainer Business Course!

Hope you got a lot out of this post. I’d love to hear what you think… drop me a comment down below.

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