Help Me Pimp Out FBS11

Hey Bedros here,

Vince DelMonte just sent me and email and said that I was named one of the 20 most influential people on the web. You can see the list here.


It’s getting to be that time. Fitness Business Summit 11 time!

In fact, be sure to clear your calendar for March 18, 19, and 20th 2011 becuase you’ll be out here in Southern California learning and hanging out with some of the biggest and brightest achievers in the fitness industry today.

And as I do every year I want to make FBS11 WAY over the top.

We’ve already got a new venue. Bigger, nicer, hotel in Orange County.

I just locked in the final presenter. FBS 11 is going to have a whole new
line up of presenters – all who are generating six, multiple six and seven figures
in their fitness business.

I even have a couple HUGE surprises and a special guest presenter who is going
to blow your mind!

But that’s not why I’m doing this blog post today.

The reason for this post is becuase I need your help with something VERY important…

See, I think all the fitness conferences out there are lame. So I make FBS not lame.
I make it fun. We play games, drink a little, throw money stuffed in Easter eggs to
the audience, and last year we even had a money machine booth.

You know what I’m talking about right…?

That phone boot looking thing that blows money all around you and you
get inside and have 30 seconds to catch the money and keep what you catch.

And every year I like to do a cool opening to FBS.

For example, at FBS 09 we had Polynesian drummers and dancers take the stage the first morning and get the audience pumped.

And then last year (FBS10) I wanted a marching band to come through the

I was thinking of something like this…

Or even something like this…

But instead I got this…. (watch the 3 minute video below).

As you can see the marching band I had in mind didn’t turn out like I though
it would.

Turns out you can’t just rent the USC marching band for an hour…. Ha!!

So for FBS11 I want to think up something really sweet for the “opening ceremony”
and that’s where I need your help.

Give me some ideas of what we can do for the opening ceremony for FBS11 and
if we end up using your idea we’ll give you VIP access to FBS11 (Includes all access
pass to the seminars and hotel stay).

I’m not gonna say who’s idea we’re gonna go with… you’ll have to see when you
get there 🙂

Thanks for the help and for making Fitness Business Summit THE most awesome
fitness business building event ever!